Grey Galley Kitchen with Black Top

SKU: 80782

This recycled kitchen has huge potential with lovely easy run large drawers and pull out pantry units. It has a 750mm wide stainless steel sink and is in good tidy condition. Under the bench where the sink is there are 3 x 600mm wide drawers, then to the right of those are 2 x 500mm cupboards, plus to the right of those are 3 x 600mm wide drawers. The large pantry unit is made up of a 300mm wide pull out cupboard plus a second pull out pantry unit that is 600mm wide, then a 600mm wide cabinet to house wall appliances. This unit is 2005mm high. Under the benchtop where the cooktop would be positioned there are 3 x 1000mm wide drawers. Then there is a standalone separate cupboard of 360mm wide plus wall display cupboards together with a dishwasher cabinet frontage. Options galore!