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Welcome to Musgroves

Musgroves is a household name in Canterbury and is well known throughout the South Island of New Zealand as a pioneer in the trading of quality recycled building materials and joinery.

The company started in Christchurch back in 1942 when its founder Dave Musgrove began working in general cartage. David was joined by his brother Alf in 1946 after World War 2 and Musgroves Bros. was formed. The brothers worked in the cartage and road contracting industry right up to 1970 with the catchphrase that they would “move anything anywhere anytime.”

In 1969 under the management of Graeme Vickers the company’s work broadened to include demolition and the selling of recycled materials. Although the company ceased general contracting work in 1980 it continued on with demolition work for some time later and began to specialise in the selling and buying of recycled building materials.

Today Musgroves continues to provide Cantabrians and New Zealanders alike with quality recycled materials and joinery.

In addition to the large range of quality recycled building materials kept at our Christchurch yard we also have an increasing range of new products including home insulation, gypsum plasterboard, new and recycled corrugated iron, plywood and timber for most applications.

Our aim is to provide customers with high quality products both new and recycled at some if not the lowest prices regularly available, our many repeat customers are testimony to the value and money saved when shopping at Musgroves.

We hope you find your Musgroves online website experience satisfying and welcome your queries and visit to our retail yard here in Christchurch.

The Musgroves Team.

Musgroves in Christchurch