Trellis is to landscaping what a superfood is to your diet, there is such a wide range of ways to use trellis and add tremendous value at a relatively low cost. People with small gardens can instantly maximise growing space by wall-mounting some trellis to accommodate a wide range of plants (such as flowering climbers like wisteria) that would have otherwise taken up crucial floor space.

Trellis can also be used to hide an ugly wall or fence, and can protect the sides of buildings by preventing vine tendrils from damaging the surface. Increasing privacy and breaking up otherwise boring spaces are also perfect ways to use trellis, as well as adding interest to blank walls and garden sheds and any outbuilding. Attach trellis to gates, fences and pergolas in your garden to give them greater presence and impact. Musgroves has affordable trellis, including ready made panels.

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