Thank You to Musgroves!

Thanks to Musgroves from Pathways
L-R Pathway Reintegration Employment Consultant Luke Kenmare, Pathway Reintegration Support Services Coordinator Renee Jones, Musgroves General Manager Sue Brown 

Originally published in Pathway Group Newsletter – Issue 10, 2022

Musgroves is a household name in Christchurch, that’s because for more than 50 years, the organisation has been trading quality recycled building materials and joinery, more recently extending the range to include new products. 

Musgroves has recently come on board as a Gold Level Corporate Impact Investor of the Navigate Initiative prison reintegration unit.

As an organisation, Musgroves has long believed in giving people a second chance and the irony is not lost on General Manager Sue Brown.

“Pathway fits really well with what we’re all about as an organisation, because just like Musgroves is giving a second life to building materials, Pathway is about giving second chances to the people they work with who need a fresh start,” Sue says. 

“When it comes to our charitable support, we look for organisations that match our values and, as an organisation working to affect positive change in our communities, Pathway was naturally a good fit.”

Opening bank accounts, sitting driver licence tests and getting ID, learning how to budget and cook, help with getting a job, securing affordable accommodation, accessing mentoring and addiction treatment and getting support with cultural development, restorative justice and reconnecting with whanau, are all ways Pathway helps give second chances to people who have been in prison, through the Navigate Initiative.

By supporting the NI, not only are our corporate and individual impact investors helping to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and crime, but they’re helping to create a safer, happier community for everyone.

“Together we can make a difference and we are proud of the organisations that we support and the good work that all of these organisations do,” Sue says.

“We’re pleased to be able to support them in their endeavour.”

Musgroves in Christchurch