5 Benefits of Installing Double Glazed Windows

Recycled Double Glazed Windows

Many residents of older Christchurch homes will spend money on high power bills and trailers of long-burning firewood this winter, as well as battle the cold with layers of merino and down jackets. Well, what if we told you that investing in double glazed windows could solve those problems, and make the winter season a lot more bearable.

Here are five benefits to be gained by installing double glazed windows:

1. A warmer home

The foremost reason as to why you need double glazing is that double glazed windows are purposely designed to reduce heat loss from homes, by capturing and storing a higher percentage of natural heat from the sun, acting as a form of insulation. However, the double benefit of this technology is that during the summer months, double glazing prevents your home overheating, by trapping sun rays and minimizing the heat which burns through single-pane windows during hot, summer days.

2. Reduces energy usage

Although replacing your windows may initially seem expensive, it’s worth the investment as you’ll spend less on energy costs. Single-pane windows can lose up to 70% of heat from the home, which makes residents more dependent on their heating system. Therefore, getting double glazed windows will be better for your pocket as well as for the environment.

3. Increases property value

If you’re thinking of one day selling your home, then having double glazed windows can have a positive impact. Not only for the warm and cosy benefits, but double glazing will instantly update the look of your home, and buyers will immediately conclude the home has had some TLC, making it a more appealing purchase.

4. Decreases mould and condensation

Talking about the quality, single-pane windows reduce the ‘healthiness’ of your home. Condensation can cause mould and mildew, which can be a serious issue for children and the elderly. Double glazing reduces the excess moisture on the window panes, making your home a healthier and more desirable place to live.

5. Noise reduction

If you live in a busy neighbourhood or reside near a noisy road, then double glazing allows you to have a quieter, more peaceful home with a noise reduction up to 60%, another reason why it’s a great option and great investment.

The biggest benefit of them all!

Although double glazing can sometimes be a costly decision, you can also save some of those initial costs by purchasing second-hand double glazing windows from Musgroves. We offer a huge array of cost-effective window replacements in a range of sizes, types, and colours. Click here to check out what we have online, but please note that not all our stock is listed on our site, so if there’s something you can’t find then just give us a call.

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