Build a Dog House out of Recycled Materials

Crazy dog person

Content Warning! If you’re not a ‘crazy dog person’ you may not truly ‘get’ this post. Try this experiment: you can work out if somebody is a bone fide crazy dog person by showing them this article. If their eyes go wide and they get a little too animated and their whole lights up like a Christmas tree, you can confidently confirm a ‘dog nut’ identification.

No matter how big or small your pooch is, if they live outside or inside, they deserve the best hideout there is, so why not build them a home made with love? Musgroves has all the recycled building materials you need to put together a dog’s dream home, from a wide variety of timber to roofing materials.

To provide some inspiration for our dog-owner customers, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best doghouses out there, some of which can only be described as belonging to the Grand Design class of DIY dog houses.

Our favourite outside homes

Double Trouble

Got two precious fur babies? They’ll need their own sleeping quarters for the kind of privacy and proper rest that fur babies deserve, so why not build the ultimate semi-detached doggie bungalow? Long summer evenings can be spent yapping the night away on the veranda.

Double doghouse built from recycled materials

The Cosy Mansion

Create a home for your dog with comfort and character to rival your own! Give them the royal treatment with their own double storey dog house. The risk is that they never leave their luxury penthouse and run up colossal room service bills, but at least you know they’re deliriously happy.

Build a double storey doghouse from recycled materials

Go Green

For the dog who spends more time collecting rubbish than chasing sticks around at the beach, why not build them the environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, green dog house of their dreams.

Build a green environmentally-friendly dog house

The inside homes

Shabby Chic

For the discerning dog who’s more at home in the parlor than the mancave, why not get all shabby chic by building them a beautiful Hamptons-inspired indoor beach shack with a casual canine vibe.

Build a shabby chic dog house from recycled materials

For the Separation Anxious

Keep it open for optimal dog-house/bedroom flow, and so they still feel like they’re hanging out with the family, but still give them their own timber walls and high ceilings. Life doesn’t get any better than this for the sensitive pooch with separation anxiety issues (for families with children, good luck keeping them out of there).

Build an in-bedroom dog house from recycled materials

For The Low-Maintenance Mutt

For the no-nonsense smaller dog who isn’t fussy and simply wants a place for some shut-eye, make some quick modifications to a crate, line with some cushioning and bob’s your dog’s uncle.

Build an simple wooden box dog bed from recycled materials

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