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See our Wall of Fame customer project, ‘Hamish’s Tiny House‘, for an awesome tiny home photo gallery from a builder who makes use of recycled materials from Musgroves. More >

Our nation has become obsessed with tiny houses, due in no small part to skyrocketing real-estate prices. The tiny home boom can be viewed as a creative response from a generation unable to afford a conventional first home but determined not to miss out on having something of their very own.

George ClarkeMedia is also driving interest. In 2017, the king of small spaces, George Clarke, filmed a Tiny House NZ series to educate kiwis on the possibilities of the tiny living revolution down under, and home-reno cable channel HGTV (Freeview 17) beams no less than five dedicated tiny house shows into our living rooms (Mighty Tiny Houses, Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Big Living, Container Homes, and Tiny Luxury, phew, try saying that five times fast).

New Zealand businesses have spied an opportunity to sell pre-made tiny houses to consumers lacking the time and ability to build from scratch themselves. But don’t be too quick to exclude yourself from being able to do it yourself. What if we told you, you are more than capable of building a tiny home that’s eco-friendly, authentic and half the price of a pre-made one!

At Musgroves the so-called revolution is just business as usual for us! For decades we’ve been assisting customers with new and reclaimed building materials for their man caves, sheds, playhouses, outhouses, chicken houses and tiny houses. Here are just some of the supplies we sell in order to get you started.

Come on in

Recycled doors for tiny homes

We have dozens of second-hand and reclaimed doors in all sorts of sizes and styles. And by dozens we mean, well, oodles. Trust us, you’ve never seen so many doors before!

We have doors with beautiful leadlight panes, external doors that have that rustic character, and pre-loved doors waiting to be loved once again.

Let there be light

There are many clever tricks to use light to make a small space feel bigger. At Musgroves, we have a huge stock of aluminium and wooden recycled windows for your tiny home, in double and single glazed options.

If you have a particular look you’re trying to achieve, or a certain size, then speak to one of our yard members who will be able to assist you with whatever you’re looking for.

Recycled windows for tiny homes

Cabin Vibes

Recycled timber for tiny homes

We know our timber and we’e not short of a plank or two. If you’re looking to achieve that backwoods cabin feel or just really showcase some lovely natural timber features, then we stock all sorts of top quality pine, rimu, macrocarpa and more for exterior cladding and interior joinery (we’ve got lots of tongue and groove floorboards).

Recycled Twist

Use a mixture of second-hand materials, such as corrugated-metal panels and reclaimed wood to making your tiny, mobile home into something unique.

If you’re familiar with our yard, you’ll already know that we have countless options in terms of choice of material and style.

Second-hand materials tiny home

Make it a home

We don’t just supply the materials for the outside, but we can also help you dress the interior of your tiny home with reclaimed materials. From knick-knacks and curios to the wee kitchen sink and fixtures, our yard is filled with authentic treasure which you can use to turn your tiny house into a home.

Recycled interiors for tiny homes

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