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If you have outdoor furniture with detachable seat cushions, a storage box is a great way to protect them from the elements and lengthen the life of the fabric. Winter, in particular, is when the damp and mould really gets to seat material, so don’t delay. If you have a swimming pool with lots of water toys (noodles, inflatables, etc.), then an outdoor storage box brings year-round benefits. Also, kid’s toys will last much longer if stored away after use, protecting them from rain and sun. There are plenty of simple DIY outdoor storage box designs to start with. We’ve included the best demo videos we could find below, and make sure you check out our macrocarpa timber, it’s ideal for outdoor, above-ground structures such as these benches and boxes.

Outdoor Storage Bench

If your space is limited, it’s often a good idea to build multi-function storage by turning the box into a bench by making its height suitable for seating also (and building it strong enough to support the weight).

A clever design whereby you place plastic storage tubs inside the wooden frame.
A simple outdoor bench (for poolside storage in the video).
Good quick overview video (2:15).
Attractive style with full plans on Ana White’s website.
Flash storage: Patio furniture.
Sturdy, small bench.

Outdoor Storage Boxes & Chests

There are plenty of great instructional videos on outdoor boxes and chests that aren’t meant to be sat on.

Part 1 of two parts. Making waterproofed outdoor storage box for kid’s toys.
Part 2. Making the lid.

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