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Most households face the challenge of keeping large number of shoes tidy and easy to access. We’ve hand-picked some of Youtube’s best shoe storage build videos to help get your creative juices flowing. You can use these resources to build up your knowledge about the ins an outs of construction (considerations such as strength, materials and sizing) and help avoid common mistakes by learning from the mistakes generously documented by these craftspeople! When you’re ready to start, come on down to the yard, we’ve got all your timber needs covered.

Shoe Storage Bench

A great solution is to build a shoe storage unit with a wooden or cushioned bench seat across the top, providing a handy seating option for those putting on or taking off their shoes, or somewhere to put a bag down on. These are great just inside the front door as an entrance way feature but work equally as well in hallways or under a window in a bedroom or living area.

Modern white shoe storage bench.
A long built-in shoe storage bench.
Shoe storage bench with foam seat cushion.
Closed box style with good instructions on making leather cushion top.
Box-style storage using custom shoe cabinet flip hinges.
Bench with large cubbies (could accommodate school bags, not just shoes).

Shoe Storage Cubbies & Racks

If multi-function storage plus seating isn’t desirable for you, there are endless style and design possibilities for shoe cubbies and shoe racks/shelves. Depending on your space, wide-format and narrow-tower configurations are both attractive storage solutions.

A shoe cubby solution for families with LOTS of shoes!
A tower-style shoe rack with angled shelving.
Cube cubby storage and a gym locker-style unit for hanging clothing above shoes.

Hall Tree Bench Storage

For woodworkers wanting to go beyond a standalone bench and incorporate storage for coats and bags, the hall tree is a great solution. As with the benches, these can be standalone and movable, or permanent built-in features.

Part 1 of two-part hall tree build series. Covers all cuts, dadoes and grooves.
Part 2. Assembly and finish.

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