Enamel Bath Resurfacing

Whether you’ve recently purchased a bath from Musgroves, or you’re looking to refurbish your current bath at home, we’ve put together an affordable step-by-step guide on enamel bath resurfacing, to give your bath a new, fresh look.

Please note, Musgroves sells bathtubs but not the chemical products mentioned in this guide. Here’s some quick links to find local stores that carry the products mentioned below:

Step 1. Clean and remove the shine

Sanding the surface of the bath

Give the tub a good clean with a scourer and some heavy duty cleaning liquid. Then use wet & dry sandpaper to roughen up the surface and remove the shine from the enamel, as well as any rust. Rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly. Complete the cleaning process by rubbing the surface down with a solvent, such as White Knight Rust Guard Solvent, this will ensure any contaminants are properly removed. If you’re refurbishing an existing bath, one that is already in place, then once the solvent is dry, mask up the edges of the bath and the plughole, to prevent the paint from touching other surfaces. It is also worth taping up the spout so no water drips on the wet paint.

Step 2. Paint prepping

White Knight Tub and Basin Enamel Paint is a two-part paint that comes in separate tins. Stir the individual tins with different stirrers for roughly five minutes each and then mix the paints together in a solvent-resistant container. Again, thoroughly stir for roughly five minutes and pour half of the paint into a second container, as this will be used later in the process. Let the first half of the paint sit for an hour to come up to room temperature, whilst placing a lid on the second half and storing in a fridge.

White Knight Tub and Basin paint

Step 3. Lets get painting

Painting enamel bath during restoration

Once you’ve let the paint set for an hour, give it another stir and get painting. Start from the top, working your away around and then down. Once you’ve applied your first coat, you will need to let it set 12 hours before applying the second coat. Remember, to bring the paint up to room temperature after you’ve removed from the refrigerator before you start painting again. Once the paint is fully dry, wait 24 hours before removing the tape and then, finally, you will need to wait five days before having a well-deserved soak.

Considering the full cost of replacement with a brand new tub, we estimate that a resurfacing project can save you up to 70% of this cost. This process also requires no re-plumbing, no re-tiling and no mess. Musgroves sell bathtubs starting from as little as $68.00 including GST, check out the end of our video walkthrough to see a sneak preview of our range.

If you’re tired of using your bath for soaking and cleaning (and maybe you’re a bit of a hipster), then you’ll love this revolutionary application:

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