How To Refurbish & Repair Aluminium Window Frames

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Restoring aluminium windows

Older powder-coated aluminium frames can take on a creamy or grey chalky surface discolouration if they have been exposed to air-borne salt, dust or dirt, a lack of cleaning or if they’ve come to the end of their expected life, typically between 15-20 years.

How to rejuvenate powder coated aluminium?

1. If the aluminium frames have been exposed to air-borne salt, dust or dirt

Clean the frames with warm water and mild detergent and rinse off thoroughly. Avoid using solvents, harsh chemicals, abrasive or caustic cleaners to clean aluminium and do not use a metal scraper or abrasive pad. If repainting, sand lightly and paint in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. If your frames have discoloured due to a lack of cleaning

Instigate a regular cleaning regime by cleaning the frames with warm water and mild detergent and again, rinsing off thoroughly. As noted above, avoid all harsh chemicals. You can also apply car wax to the clean, dry anodised surface to really give them that new look.

3. If the expected life of the powder-coating has come to end

This is when you apply all of the above. Clean, paint, wax and then adopt a regular cleaning routine to add life to your windows and keep them looking new. However, if they really have come to the end of their shelf-life, then Musgroves stocks a variety of recycled and unused aluminium framed windows, from single-glazed to double-glazed and in all shapes and sizes. If you have specific measurements, then email them through.

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