Ideas for Recycling Doors

Recycling doorsAt Musgroves, we have customers shopping for recycled doors for some quirky and creative DIY projects. Old doors can be transformed into a range of home decor objects (ones you may have never even thought of) and receive a whole new lease on life. Here are a few of the best ideas we’ve seen around…

Here are 3 Great Ideas for Recycling Doors

1. Door Table Tops

If your front door has seen better days and you want to replace it, don’t throw away the old one – upcycle it! Using an old, vintage door as a table top is a great way to give your dining, coffee or even outside picnic table unique character.

Doors are already, without any initial work, sturdy and ideally proportioned to become tables (or tailored down to smaller, custom sizes).

Finishing the door with a glass table top means that very little – if any – work is needed to be done on the top surface of the door, it’ll be perfect in its original rustic state.

Here’s a terrific Musgrove’s customer project in which Carolyn turns an old door into a coffee table!

Recycled door as table top

2. A beautiful mirror or photo frame with coat rack

Recycled door as coat rack and photo/mirror frame

Who knew you could put an old door on its side on the wall, add a shelf and coat pegs, and it would look this good!

These days, with precious few photos ever making it from your phone to the printer, make the absolute most of the special few that do by presenting them with some real wow factor.

Use a recycled French door as a giant picture frame to show off your favourite memories. Just put the photos behind the existing glass panes or replace them with mirrors.

Optionally, you can also attach coat hooks along the bottom to create an eye-catching and functional feature for your lobby or entranceway.

3. An organisation board

Life is busy and so we often find ourselves writing endless to-do lists just to stay on track. Why not save on paper and post-it notes and put up chalk boards instead by repurposing an old door to jot up your important reminders? You’ll help the environment while you’re at it!

These are just a few ideas around repurposing a pre-loved door. If you’ve done something creative in your home with Musgrove’s products, please get in touch and you may get listed on our Wall of Fame.

If you’ve been inspired by this article to start your own DIY door upcycling project, check out our extensive door range or come down to Musgroves to see our full range.

Recycled door as notice board or organisation board

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