Turn Your Outdoor Living Space Into A Recycled Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden Ideas

If you ask many homeowners ‘what made you buy that house’, they’ll tell you they fell in love with the garden area, but yet it’s so often the last living space of the property that gets the attention it deserves – understandably, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or lounge take priority. By the time you’ve completed the inside, not much is left in the bank for the garden. But what if we told you that you could create an inexpensive enchanted garden with Musgroves recycled materials? The staff at Musgroves know what it takes to updo an outdoor living space and have made it their mission to source good-quality, reliable, unused and recycled materials and to sell it at affordable prices, many of which are the most competitive in Christchurch.

Here are some of the materials you can buy from Musgroves to transform your garden when on a budget


Pavers play an essential role when it comes to sectioning your garden and creating unique, level and solid spaces for the outdoor dining & lounge area, BBQ station, or to neatly decorate and separate your flora sections. Pavers are also used to create paths and walkways which invite guests into your garden, rather than give it that off-boundary feel. The usual concerns that hold customers back from buying pavers, are that they can be heavy, expensive and can become a real liability if a paver breaks and you can’t find the right replacement. Musgroves, however, has the solutions for all these concerns, they stock all sorts of pavers, all of which come at various prices, designs and styles. They can help with the delivery process and if one happens to break or you already have a broken paver then it’s very likely they have the one you’re looking for in stock, as this is where unused pavers end up.

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Like pavers, timber can be used to create extended living spaces. Decking can be used to relax on, as a play area for kids, and as a multi-purpose area for BBQs and other outdoor cooking equipment. An outdoor deck adds functional convenience as it allows you to relax without worrying about lawn conditions (water, mud, grass clippings). More importantly, it adds character to your garden – wood is warm and has a natural beauty, leaving lasting impressions when you invite friends round and entertain in the garden area. Musgroves have a great selection of durable timber, such as pine, rimu, and macrocarpa, all of which can be used to compliment your garden, and if you want to add a bit more style and design, the truth is, decking can be any colour you like by simply sanding and staining it; so you can lay down a real personal touch to the look and feel of your outdoor deck.

Macrocarpa Decking

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Trellis Panels

A vertical trellis is a great way to maximise growing space, make a wall or fence more appealing to the eye, create more privacy and to make a focal point as you can really make a trellis a piece of living artwork. Flowering vines and creepers can instantly add charm to the garden and their petals are more on show when they’re up high, rather than on the ground. A trellis is also good to reduce damage to building walls, as they take the weight of the climbers and prevent them from fastening to the wall itself. Ready for spring, Musgroves have affordable trellis panels available now, but if you’re looking to make a real statement, they also have a very small selection of garden arches. But be quick, as they’re a rare find, so it’s whilst stock lasts.

Trellis Panel

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Landscaping Pegs

Whether you’re looking to do any landscaping or construction to your garden this spring or simply need to shelter your flowers from the wind and harsh elements, then you’re going to need some garden pegs or stakes. Musgroves are currently the cheapest supplier for garden pegs in Christchurch, check out the selection here.

Garden Pegs

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These are just a few of the landscaping materials you can find at Musgroves, as there’s a plethora of items you could use to transform your garden from a green area to an enchanted walkway. If you’ve purchased anything from Musgroves and used it to decorate your garden, please submit a photo to us, because we love to see and share our customers’ work!

Garden Arch

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