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5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Buy Recycled

For recycling to really succeed in New Zealand, we need to do more than drop off our set of large recyclables to a recycling centre, we must also purchase recycled materials in order for the recycling process to come full circle and create healthy markets.

Even Darth Vader recycles

Even iconic movie villains are starting to realise the importance of recycling.

Reduces Waste & Pollution

Recycling reduces waste and pollution

Manufacturing products from recycled material creates far less waste and harmful emissions.

When products are initially created with raw materials, a lot of waste goes into landfills or incinerators, and is compounded by the production process itself adversely affecting air and water supply.

Conserves Natural Resources

With natural resources becoming more limited and often difficult and expensive to extract, if more of us buy recycled, then we are using every tree, mineral and gallon of oil to its maximum potential.

In this way recycling helps protect the environment from further damage, reducing water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling conserves natural resources

Conserves Energy

Recycling conserves energy

Making entirely new products can involve a lot of labour and the collection, transportation and refining of the raw materials needed can be expensive and energy-intensive.

On average new products can use 95% more energy to manufacture and so when we purchase recycled goods we are conserving a substantial amount of energy.

Creates Jobs

The recycling industry can create more jobs for New Zealanders. We ship most of our waste offshore, which will be managed elsewhere. However, if more consumers buy recycled goods, it creates more opportunities for large and small businesses, whether it’s making new products out of recycling goods, selling recycled goods or collecting recycling for other sustainable projects.

Recycling creates jobs

Helps Increase Environmental Awareness

Increase environmental awareness

When we incorporate the purchase of recycled products into our daily shopping habits, we communicate to our children, retailers, manufacturers as well as influencing government agencies — We send an important message that we want to play a productive role in helping to ensure a positive future for our families and communities.

Musgroves has been buying and selling recycled goods to the Christchurch community since 1942. If you’re in the market for buying or selling, we would love to hear from you.

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