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Our Top 3 Favourite Aluminium Sliding Door Designs

Patio doors can play an important role in improving your home, by extending your living space and seamlessly connecting your indoors with the outdoors (creating indoor-outdoor flow). The advantages of sliding doors are:

Animals open ranchslider

1. They’re extremely user friendly and easy to operate due to the weight of the sliding panel being supported by the track, requiring no more than a simple nudge to open.

2. Sliding doors, unlike French doors, allow for more open space because their doors slide along a parallel track rather than by hinge mechanism, meaning that you sacrifice no space when the doors are fully opened. This makes them ideal for homes that have smaller spaces and entrances.

3. Lastly, Ranchsliders™ provide better security because their design prevents both the fixed and operable doors from being lifted off their rails.

If we had to identify the main drawback of aluminium Ranchsliders™, we would suggest the challenge posed by the sheer range of configuration options and styles of sliding doors available for your home. Below, we’ve identified our top three favourites designs to bring the most style and functionality to your living space.

The L-shape sliding door

How do you open your home up even more? By installing L-shape sliding doors. This visually seamless design connects the outside world with the inside, letting more light in and creating the illusion that there is no barrier between your living space and nature.

L-shape sliding door - ranchslider

Classic Sliding Doors

If you’ve got a weatherboard country classic style home, bach or summer house, then adding some classic panel sliding doors is the perfect feature to maintain that authentic style.

L-shape sliding door - ranchslider

Extend the Slide

This is something we love to see in Kiwi homes, when a sliding door motif extends to sliding windows in the kitchen or dining area to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space.

Recycled sliding windows

If you’ve installed sliding doors and added style or uniqueness to your home, please let us know via our contact form. Alternatively, if you’re looking to install Ranchsliders™, then check out what’s available online or come pay us a visit and see our extensive range of sliding doors in person.

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