Aluminium Composite Panel Dark Grey ACM New 2400x1220x3mm

$79.00 Each

PLU: 93666

This fabulous new stylish dark grey aluminium composite material panel (ACM) is a waterproof sandwiched aluminium board that is 3mm thick. The board is 2400mm tall x 1220mm wide and you can use it to line your wet areas or as a sign board which you can also write on and use as a whiteboard. It has quite a mirrored effect with the dark grey colour on the front side and on the back is a matt grey primer colour. This panel is straight forward to cut using a craft knife and we also stock this same sized panel in white. This product is a sample from our wide range of panel or wall lining products.

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Stock Group = New Panel
Material = New
Dimension = 2400×1220
Size Code =
Colour Code =


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