Stunning Recycled French Doors installed at Decant - Vintners & Epicures

Thanks to David of Decant Vintners & Epicures (in Sydenham, Christchurch) for sending through these superb pictures of your fabulous recycled french doors with arched top.

Fittingly, the doors were rescued from an old pub located not far from Cathedral Square in Christchurch. They were then held in storage for many years before being re-recovered (it's a common story for treasures to be rescued and the years pass by before being passed on for someone else to restore).

Before - at our yard, ready for a new lease of life!

Recycled french doors - Top Arch - Before

Recycled french doors - Before

After - Installed at Decant and looking amazing!

Recycled french doors - From inside - After

Recycled french doors - Exterior - After

Recycled french doors - Exterior, with David - After