Recycled Steel Benchtop Play Station


After some foraging at Musgroves, Lincoln made this clever portable sinktop play station for his granddaughter.

Lincoln’s project meets the requirements of a child’s play station better than anything we’ve seen in a shop:

  • An easy-to-clean stainless steel surface. No worrying about deep scratches or paint stains.
  • A big sturdy base (no accidental or deliberate tip overs).
  • Two generous sinks for playing with water, sand, toys, and goodness knows what else.
  • Storage right inside the unit (see the hinged door in the photo).

Capping off this master class in functional design is an ingenious handle and wheels for superior portability. We can tell a lot of thought went into this and we are impressed!

Recycled Steel Benchtop Play Station with Double Sink

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