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Taking one of our Macrocarpa Planter Boxes as inspiration, we’ve compiled some DIY projects you could try around your garden. There’s lots of ways you can use planter boxes in your outdoor space so we hope to inspire you with some of these ideas.

Garden Planter Box With Pergola

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Raised Bed With Pergola

Using planter boxes to create a raised garden bed is a simple and affordable way to provide screening for your deck. Incorporate a pergola to provide shade and you have a sheltered outdoor entertainment area. Pop some clear roof sheeting on top and you can use this space year-round.

Planter Sandpit

Positioning a planter in the ground and then filling with sand would be a great way to create a sandpit with a safe and attractive way of containing the sand. You could finish the top with a piece of trim for a larger border.

Garden Planter Sandpit

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Garden Planters & Trellis

Image credits: http://3adesignstudio.com/blog/2014/4/24/outdoor-privacy-screens

Living Screens

These two ideas combine planter boxes with trellis panels to create a living privacy screen and a tiered herb garden with climber support.

Rasied Beds With Built-In Seating

Instead of the heavy and expensive railway sleepers used in this example, a planter box kit would make a great alternative, using the side panels to retain the garden bed and create built in bench seating. Finish off with some attractive cushions for additional seating for your guests or somewhere to sit and relax.

Raised Beds With Seating

Image credit: http://gardengurus.co.uk/gallery/railway-sleepers/

Garden Bed Edging

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Garden Bed Edging

If a large raised bed is too big for your garden, a similar way to add some landscaping to your garden is using planter box panels as garden bed edging. Not only will this help retain your plants, it will make the lawn look tidier and add a crisp look to the garden.

Elevated Planter Box

This is a great option for people with mobility issues or anyone with back pain, plus raising your planter boxes off the ground helps protect them from ground-based pests.

Elevated Planter Box

Image credit: http://www.instructables.com/id/Elevated-Planter-Raised-Bed/

Garden Planter Steps & Succulent Wall

Image credits: http://bonneylassie.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/npa-tour-of-gardens-on-vashon-part-two.html

Garden Planter Steps & Succulent Wall

These garden steps look great and could be filled with your choice of materials including lawn, bark chippings, gravel or river stones.

Turning a planter box on it’s side and securely mounting it to a solid wall offers an inexpensive way to incorporate a living wall in your outdoor space. Here, succulents have been used, creating a beautiful effect, but you could use equally use herbs, trailing plants or a mix to make an attractive display. This would be a particularly good solution for anyone with a small garden or balcony.

Planter Box Water Feature

A garden planter box could be lined with a pond liner and filled with water, plants and fish to make an attractive raised water feature. Add a small fountain and you have a little piece of zen in your backyard. This is also a great way to introduce a small pond that is safe for kids to play near, as long as it is raised sufficiently above the ground. As a full pond can be very heavy, it would be worth reinforcing the bottom and sides to make it more rigid.

Planter Box Water Feature

Image credit: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-a-water-gardendo-i-76308

Macrocarpa Planter Boxes

Get Your Planter Boxes Here

Should you want to get crafty and make your own planter box landscaping creation, Musgroves has macrocarpa planter boxes in various sizes, available assembled or in kitsets for you to make yourself. We can also create custom sizes to your measurements.

We also stock trellis, Clearlite roof sheeting and timber for all your garden landscaping needs.

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