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Framed oriental trellis 2400x300Gardens can sometimes need a lot of work; planting, watering and weeding is just the beginning to taking care of the grounds surrounding your home. One of the best and more attractive solutions for garden maintenance is adding trellis.

Trellis fencing not only incorporates character and style into your garden design, and increases the security and privacy of your property. It also provides more space which makes it easier when family and friends want to come and hang out in your tranquil space.

What is trellis?

As Wikipedia will tell you, a trellis is an architectural structure, usually made from an open framework or lattice of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo or metal that is normally made to support and display climbing plants, especially shrubs.

How to choose the right trellis?

Depending on the types of plants you want to place on your trellis, always make sure the trellis is strong enough to do the job. For example, lightweight vinyl (pvc) trellises won’t support large climbing roses.

Avoid placing wooden posts directly into the ground and instead attach them to a metal stake, so they’re not prone to rotting.

For those wanting to landscape their house, garage or shed with trellis, fixing it with a hinge at the base with a latch at top will allow for much easier maintenance such as house painting.

If you’re unable to source trellis made from rot and corrosion-resistant timber, then invest in some liquid wood preservative or consider painting the trellis.

Musgroves has excellent new and recycled, framed and unframed wooden trellis, normally with plenty of diagonal type, but also oriental depending on supply.

Musgroves has frame and unframed trellis

Framed and unframed diagonal trellis – 1800×1200

How do you take care of your trellis?

Framed oriental trellis 1800x1800

Framed oriental trellis – 1800×1800

During autumn, cut away dead and crowded vines to improve the air circulation and to minimise rot during winter; then rake any leaves away from the wood that is near the surrounding ground.

In the spring, gently remove the vines from your trellis and then repair, scrape and repaint the wood.

Once you’ve completed this, weave and tie them back in October and November are good months for maintenance jobs because you can check the condition of all your fences and supports that will be covered by climbers by early summer.

Great trellis plants for New Zealand’s climate

Here are a list of climbers most suitable for New Zealand’s climate: Clematis, Lonicera, Bougainvillea, Ficus, Gelsemium, Hardenbergia, Hedera, Jasminum, Pandorea, Parsonsia, Parthenocissus, Petrea, Plumbago, Solanum, Trachelospermum, Vitis and Wisteria.

If you want to add a touch of beauty to your garden, then checkout our affordable trellises and feel free to give us a call or get in touch via our contact form to discuss suitable options for your project.

Wisteria on trellis at driveway entrance

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