Building a man cave on a budget

It’s been a dream for a long time, building the ultimate man cave that will serve as the perfect wee hideaway to watch the big games (and Die Hard) undisturbed. A man cave to fill your mates with as much admiration and respect for you as they have for the inventor of cold beer.

Then reality hits, you know that the family budget barely allows for the secret coffee you buy every day at smoko, let alone the choicest man cave in town.

But wait… what if we told you that Musgroves could provide the materials and expertise to plan and build your life-long dream man cave!

Jonah Hill excited about his man cave

Here are a few bargains we supply to get you started…


Weatherboard, brick, block, or ACM panels, we have all sorts of high-quality reusable material to build the outer shell of your hideaway.

Man cave fundamentals

We also have options such as ClearLite, polycarbonate and corrugated iron for the roof, as well as some tongue and groove boards for the floor.

If you have something in mind about the structure, look and feel for your man cave, then give us a call or come visit our yard, as our friendly staff may know exactly what you need to make your long-awaited man-dream come to life.

Keeping It Warm

We know you’re going to want to hibernate in your man cave during winter, so why not make it warmer by installing some affordable Pink Batts insulation, we sell quality recycled insulation by the metre. You can also use our bargain bricks and blocks to build a fire (that being if you live outside the Clean Air Zone). Never installed insulation before? Read our article on how to install it.

Man cave insulation

Windows and doors

Neil's man cave

Depending on the style and degree of finish you’re going for, we have second-hand aluminium as well as wooden windows and many single and double doors to choose from.

Here is Neil’s impressive high-end hideout, where the windows and doors were supplied by Musgroves. Read more about Neil’s project.

‘Basic’ interior

If you’re really on a budget, you could use any leftover timber to make chairs and a table.

But if you want to spruce up the inside and give it a bit of flair (while still sticking to a modest budget), then you won’t believe some of the cool essentials you can make with our recycled materials.

We’ve had customers make dining tables from recycled timber, coffee tables from old doors, and even artwork out of reclaimed timber.

Intrigued? Check out our customer project page.

Rustic deluxe man cave interior

If you’re up with the reno shows on TV you’ll have heard of some weird and wonderful design styles: modern country farmhouse, industrial chic, scandi-coastal-boho… May we present, ‘Man Cave Luxe’ (no pressure or anything!).

We hope we’ve given you enough valid reasons and encouragement to build that dream man cave. If you have a particular budget in mind, then fill out our contact form, or pay us a visit and we can provide some helpful suggestions.

If you have already built a man cave, tiny house, shed or den using Musgroves materials, we would love to hear about your project! Please contact us.

Once you’ve built the man cave of your dreams, check out our article on 5 brojects to pimp-out-your-man-cave.

5 Man CaveProjects With Reclaimed Timber

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