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Using Second Hand Building Materials

Musgroves is a treasure trove of high quality used and reclaimed building materials and timber - ideal for all your home renovation and DIY projects. Customers are using Musgroves materials for some really creative upcycling projects, re-purposing furniture and fixtures for their homes, gardens and businesses. When you source your second hand building materials from Musgroves, you not only save money and help reduce waste, but you get a piece of Christchurch history too. 

Get some inspiration from these recent projects created by our customers using second hand building materials sourced from our Christchurch yard.

Your Recycling and Renovation Projects

Reclaimed Timber Dining Table

Reclaimed Timber Dining Table

This beautiful dining table was hand-built by Simeon Whyle using recycled rimu and reclaimed oregon timbers sourced from Musgroves. The rimu was used for the top and the legs were made using the oregon. There are no screws or nails - it was all made using glue and dowels. The materials for the table cost Simeon less than $120. When sending us the photos and details of the project, Simeon wrote to us, "I love dealing with you guys, you totally get the spirit of DIY projects, and are all so helpful." Thanks Simeon, we think you did an amazing job - we love to see our reclaimed timbers treated with such love and care. We hope you get many years of enjoyment from your dining table.

Reclaimed Trellis Cat Run Enclosure

Cat lovers Tanya and Mortimer have three very energetic indoor cats, so when they moved to their new home they decided to build them an outdoor cat run where they could have plenty of room to play safely. Mortimer built one end using offcuts of timber, and the other with a sheet of reclaimed trellis from Musgroves. Tanya told us, "We found the prices for new trellis pretty expensive at the main DIY retailers, so when we found a sheet of perfect quality reclaimed trellis at Musgroves for a fraction of the price we jumped on it. There was lots to choose from." The rest of the cat run was enclosed using specialist cat netting. We love the results and we hear that their cats spend plenty of time out there.

Recycled Trellis Cat Run
Upcycled Door Coffee Table

Upcycled Door Coffee Table

Carolyn Murphy bought an old door at Musgroves and upcycled it into a perfect sized coffee table. She’s keeping her eye out for another piece of reclaimed furniture to hold up one end of the table - in the mean time a couple of boxes are doing the trick. She also plans to incorporate a different colour/design on the other side of the door so she can flip it over to give the room a different look. This is an inventive idea for people who like to change things around regularly.

Living Room Update

While his wife and son were away on a trip for 6 weeks, Sam Worsop completely renovated their kitchen and living room as a surprise. With the help of some good mates, Sam removed three walls, lifted and re-levelled the entire floor, put new rimu tongue & groove down, installed some second hand french doors, a sliding window, a new kitchen, and painted and decorated. Sam used reclaimed skirting, weatherboards and rimu mouldings from Musgroves to help complete the project. His wife got a huge surprised when she walked into her fantastic new living room!

Living Room Update With Reclaimed Timber From Musgroves
Restored Bi-Fold Doors

Restored Bi-Fold Doors

Julie Wareham found a bi-fold door at Musgroves to build a new cupboard in her dining room. She added some timber to make the door fit, sanded and painted the door, put hinges on the outside and added new handles. Julie submitted this project into our March Customer DIY Projects competition and was our lucky winner. Congratulations Julie! She already know what she'll be spending her $500 on - she has lots more projects planned using Musgroves materials.

Bathroom Rebuild With Reclaimed Rimu Flooring

In this bathroom rebuild, Chris Morohan used Musgroves recycled rimu framing timber, and restored the original rimu floors using reclaimed rimu from our large selection of flooring.

Bathroom Rebuild With Reclaimed Rimu Flooring
Reclaimed French Doors

Reclaimed French Doors

Dave Clarke bought these beautiful reclaimed french doors from Musgroves and used them to create a new wider opening from his house to the garden. They look as though they have always been there - great job Dave!

Recycled Leadlight Door

Jill and Pete purchased a recycled leadlight door at Musgroves, gave it a lick of white paint and installed it in their home. With a new coat of navy added to their shutters, their new entry looks great.

Recycled Leadlight Door
Recycled Bifold School Doors

The Laboratory, Lincoln

Martin and Lisa Bennett built their beautiful craft beer brewery and pub from scratch, but it looks like an old building thanks to their ingenious use of recycled building materials, many of which were sourced from Musgroves. From the fiery red recycled bifold school doors in the courtyard to the retro hand basins in the toilets and the beautiful recycled rimu wood panelling in the snug, every reused and rescued item tells a story. The Laboratory have been wonderful to work with and we’re so happy to see what they have made using our reclaimed building materials.

Reclaimed Timber Vodafone Logo Artwork

The wood for this artwork was sourced via Musgroves, reclaimed from buildings severely damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes. Some of it came from Godley House in Diamond Harbour, and some was once part of the Lincoln Road Methodist Church which was constructed in 1919. We love the organic texture and warm colours of the timber - this is a great art piece as well as an iconic corporate logo.

Reclaimed Timber Vodafone Logo

Burbery Custom Furniture

This coffee table was constructed solely of recycled materials sourced from Musgroves. The top is an old sash window, constructed using old school construction with mortise and tenon joints and wooden pegs in the corners. Burberry Custom Furniture are a regular customer and have many wonderful upcycled and recycled pieces made using our reclaimed building materials.

Abby’s Shabby Shack

Peter Jameson from Marlborough built this shabby shack for daughter Abby using totally recycled and reclaimed materials. The French doors and two lead light Windows were sourced from Musgroves for this amazing project.

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Shabby Shack
Reclaimed Rimu Bed Frame

Reclaimed Rimu Bedframe

Orlando Barcena hand-crafted this beautiful bedframe from reclaimed rimu floorboards and studs sourced from Musgroves. Using traditional tools to build this lovely piece of furniture, this must have been a labour of love for Orlando.

Recycled Door & Window

This customer added some historical style to their modern home by installing a leadlight door and window reclaimed by Musgroves.

Reclaimed Door & Window
Cafe bench

The Running Duck Cafe

Alastair Bolland from Geraldine used a batch of NZ Oregon timber from Musgroves to fit out his cafe The Running Duck burger restaurant.

Upcycled Doorknob Coat Rack

Paul Chisnall made this awesome shabby-chic coat rack from old door handles sourced from Musgroves.

“A big thanks to and the team at Musgroves for their excellent help and service pointing me in the right direction, even suggesting a paint stripper which they carried in stock. They had everything I was after and made my project a whole lot easier. My girlfriend is very happy with her new/old coat hanger.”

Recycled handles coat rack
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